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Solar Hot Water Plus -- Solar Hot Water; Wholesale and Retail

If you are not using the sun to heat the water in your home, you are wasting money.

Solar Hot Water Plus flat plate collectors
Product Details (796k)
Warranty (48k)

AET Morningstar flat plate collectors
Product Details (576k)
Simple Drainback from Solar Heat Exchange
American Solar Works EVAC tubes
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El Sid DC pumps

Sol Velox
The basic structure (2 pumps,flat plate heat exchanger, isolation valves, charge/drain valve, differential thermostat, 2 sensors, wire) is varied for special purposes. The glycol unit contains the basic plus a pressure gauge and expansion tank. The drainback has a high head pump plus a circulator pump. The drainback tank is not included. The space heat (to interface with hydronic heat) comes with an electrical relay. Each of these units can be easily mounted to a storage tank and is covered with a plastic shroud that houses the differential control (this is prewired to the pumps and sensor wire).

They are embarrassingly easy to install.

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Warranty (36k)

Sol Velox pump modules with heat exchanger (for drainback or glycol systems)
Sol Velox Drainback
Sol Velox Glycol
Sol Velox installed system
American hot water tanks
Drainback tanks

We intentionally do not post prices on the web site. Material and fuels costs are volatile, thus prices can change from week to week. We will gladly answer questions and quote prices when you contact us by phone or [e-mail]


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