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Solar Hot Water Plus -- Solar Hot Water; Wholesale and Retail

Think.  Act.  Come out ahead.

How much does a Solar Hot Water System cost?
The installed cost of a solar water heating system from Solar Hot Water Plus ranges from $7000-12,000 depending upon the system type/size and the difficulty of installation.  Although the upfront costs of solar water heating is more than conventional gas or electric water heaters, the yearly operating is significantly less; typical savings is 60-80% on your annual water heating bill.  Using recent energy rates, a Solar Hot Water Plus domestic hot water system should save approximately $250 per person per year.

How long do Solar Hot Water Systems last?
A properly designed and well installed Solar Hot Water Plus system should perform well for 30-40 years, depending on the type of system and how well it is maintained.  When considering a conservative average 30-year life, a 10 year payback really means 20 years of free water heating.  Also, you are protected against future increases in gas or electricity rates.

Solar Hot Water Plus’ Professional Services:
Whether it’s for your existing home, a business, or a new construction project for solar hot water and/or space heat (hydronic or radiant heating), a Solar Hot Water Plus installer can help you.  Our team will design a customized system that best fits your needs, consult with you for a do-it-yourself project, or install the complete system.  It’s up to you.

The Top Ten reasons to invest in a solar hot water system from Solar Hot Water Plus:

10. Qualifies for financial incentives.

There is a 30% federal tax credit available (up to $2000.oo for domestic system with no limit for a commercial system).

9. Saves money each month.

Heating water accounts for 20-35% of a family’s monthly power bill. A solar hot water system can supply 60-90% of a family’s hot water use.

8. Saves energy.

Harnessing solar energy reduces our dependence on and burning of fossil fuels. This is good for our air and is an important step towards greater energy independence.

7. Uses a renewable energy source.

The sun provides clean, quite, free energy that is renewable with each sunrise.

6. Doesn’t pollute.

5. Pays for itself.

With financial incentives, a family of four can pay off their complete system in as little as three years. Generally, the payback period ranges from three to seven years. How quickly will you pay off your power company’s gas or electric bill? (Never)

4. It is reliable

The equipment sold by Solar Hot Water Plus is factory tested, customized to your needs, and carries a robust warranty, so that you get the best solar system in the solar system.

3. It is durable.

Our goal is to have your system be trouble free and nearly maintenance free for years and years.

2. Solar hot water is a safe and profitable home improvement.

Solar hot water systems provide excellent returns, year after year without fees, taxes or risk to principal. They improve your home’s value and can be financed through a mortgage.

1. It’s the right thing to do.


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