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Solar Hot Water Plus-- Solar Hot Water; Wholesale and Retail

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We are a distributor of solar hot water equipment. We work with contractors and homeowners by providing high quality products and assistance with system design.

We are able to supply all of the material needed for your solar hot water installations; either single-family dwellings or large commercial projects.

We are flexible. You may purchase an entire system or just specific components. You can tell us what you need or we can help to figure it out.

Solar Hot Water Plus can help you enjoy hot water that is carefree, guilt-free, pollution-free and free-free. Take a decisive step towards saving money and energy. Your family, your accountant, and your planet will thank you.




Solar Hot Water Plus is a simple business.

  • We keep expenses down.
  • We buy the finest products in volume.
  • We pass our saving on to our customers.
  • We always provide the best service.


Solar Hot Water Plus ::: [map]
901 O Street, Suite E
Arcata, CA 95521

707 826-0210
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